A New Beginning ….. Again!

Last night I found my old poems and writings. I found my ideas formulated while doing a Diploma in Children’s Writing. Last night I decided I needed to write again. I will post some of the less horrendous poems from my school years, and my 30’s, and to add some current ones. I have had two periods in my life where I have struggled with depression and writing always seemed to help. This is the third “new beginning!” Suicide was considered at these occasions, but never acted on. As a Buddhist, I will not act on it, but many of my poems and musings do discuss Death.

I don’t care if anyone reads them, this process is about helping me heal. If I can find inspiration and healing then this blog has worked.

This is my first ever blog. To date I have been old-fashioned pen and paper. Forgive me for sharing my blundering with the world.


9 thoughts on “A New Beginning ….. Again!

  1. avinamdar says:

    They say well begun is half the battle won and that is so true. Wishing you good luck with this new journey as a blogger, keep writing, keep sharing and spread the love !


  2. K@countingpenniesandsheep says:

    Wonderful stuff here!! I simply love the tulips at the top of your blog page!!

    I was a pen and paper person too.. I still start my thought process there and then find myself on the computer… Excellent choice of words… and what a fabulous start…

    Wishing you much success on this journey you have started!! You are well on your way!!

    Kind Regards and coming back for more!! – K

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  3. My Heart Your Shelter says:

    That’s wonderful! I have some small successes in children’s writing. If that’s the way you want to go try to get published in small publications before submitting to the larger publishing companies. Self publishing is also an option. I wish you all the best!

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