Autumn in the Tropics

The trees are starting to shed,
autumn colours appearing,
crunching under foot,
the smell of decompossing leaves.

Hang on, these trees are deciduous,
why are the leaves falling?
I am feeling confused,
I live in the tropics!

Ah ha! The wet season is over,
no rain for months.
The dry season has started,
foliage expelled to conserve water!

I enjoy the tropical autumn,
wearing shorts and a t-shirt,
I still get the autumn colours,
and kicking up piles of dry leaves.



I feel healthy.

I do not “exercise”, I do not eat a “special” diet, I just am.

I do a physically active job which is outdoors and I love it.

I walk my dog twice a day. Not huge marathon walks, just enough to give her little legs a stretch and a run around.

I eat whatever I want, when I want, but saying that I do not have junk food, sodas, chocolates, crisps etc on a regular basis, they are treats occasionally.

I can be lazy and a couch potato at times, but I do try and do some yoga stretches every morning.

I am underweight and struggle to put weight on. I hate it when people comment that I am skinny. (Can I call you fat???) No I am not anorexic! No I do not have bulimia!

I feel healthy, but am I?

I have broken a collar bone, broken my pelvis in three places and my leg in two. All in different events over the years. Maybe I have brittle bones. Maybe I don’t. Maybe I just lead an active life. None of these injuries have stopped me doing anything.

I feel Healthy.

On the Road

On the road again
freedom from a life’s labour
sweet wind on the face
motorbike roars with relish
tearing along with no care

My first attempt at writing a Tanka poem.

That’s me on the back bike. It’s such a wonderful meditative experience being on the bike. You are your only companion, and have to be completely mindful at all times.

Mt Fuji for the blind

I had a very good friend who married an amazing blind lady. His favourite place that he had visited was Mt Fuji. I wanted to make them something for their wedding and created this textured painting for them. The textures do not come through that well on the photo, but every texture is different. Even the letters are done in soft felt.

Fujisan for blind lady

This is my Raison D’être to create, to have feelings, to be happy. The joy of seeing my friends face meant so much, but the process of creating is more important to me. The meditation, the planning, the highs and lows of creation. It is the journey not the destination that keeps me creating.

Li Qingzhao Poetry from Song Dynasty

The other night I was watching a documentary on TV called “The story of China”. It started with the Song Dynasty and at one point discussed the writings and poetry of this famous Chinese woman.

As I am getting back into poetry and I am learning Mandarin I was intrigued and discovered this copy of “The Complete Ci-Poems of Li Qingzhao: A new English Translation” by Jiaosheng Wang.

Late Spring – Li Qingzhao

A small courtyard, an idle window:
The mellow tints of spring.
Double blinds unfurled:
A room deep in shadow.
Upstairs, silently,
Someone plucking a jade zither.

Clouds emerging from far-off peaks
Hasten the fall of dusk.
A soft breeze blowing rain
Dallies with light shade.
Pear blossoms already past their bloom-
I’m afraid one can’t keep them from fading.


Tell me again!

Tell me again why that’s wrong,
I tried so hard to do it your way!
It took me ever so long,
but I guess it’s a case of come what may.

Tell me again why I can’t do that,
don’t you realise I am an adult.
I think we need to have a chat,
because your demands are an insult.

Tell me again why I can’t go,
It’s only coffee with a girl friend.
I know you think I have a secret beau,
your constant suspicion makes me feel penned.



I am feeling motivated to write again thanks to this blog and my morning pages. If you are not sure what I mean by morning pages check out “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. This is the second time I have worked through the book in the last 20 years, but I feel I am more able to take on board the lessons from it this time around. Thank you Julia for this bestseller.

Also thanks to “The Daily Post” Daily Post for inspiration with the Daily Prompts and Discover Challenges which I have just started playing with.

I would also like to acknowledge another blog that is giving me inspiration for writing. “Toasted Cheese” which has a great calendar with writing prompts Calendar and also A Midsummer Tale writing competition Writing Comp.

And if you stumble across my ramblings and poems I would like to thank you too for taking the time, and for being gentle with a scrambling fledgling.


Sing the Stairway to Heaven,
Sing as you dream of leaving earth.
Reach for the stars even,
Reach for your life’s worth.

Step down the Stairway to Sleep,
Step one at a time.
Let your mind go and count sheep,
Let go until the bell chime.