I feel healthy.

I do not “exercise”, I do not eat a “special” diet, I just am.

I do a physically active job which is outdoors and I love it.

I walk my dog twice a day. Not huge marathon walks, just enough to give her little legs a stretch and a run around.

I eat whatever I want, when I want, but saying that I do not have junk food, sodas, chocolates, crisps etc on a regular basis, they are treats occasionally.

I can be lazy and a couch potato at times, but I do try and do some yoga stretches every morning.

I am underweight and struggle to put weight on. I hate it when people comment that I am skinny. (Can I call you fat???) No I am not anorexic! No I do not have bulimia!

I feel healthy, but am I?

I have broken a collar bone, broken my pelvis in three places and my leg in two. All in different events over the years. Maybe I have brittle bones. Maybe I don’t. Maybe I just lead an active life. None of these injuries have stopped me doing anything.

I feel Healthy.


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