My pastel drawing from highschool


Tick tock tick tock,
annoying but faintly comforting.
Knowing time is there,
always present…or past!

Tick tock tick tock,
I still use a clock.
My watch has hands,
I still know how.

Can you remember turning the knob,
to tune the TV or Radio.
Static, static, distant talking,
Ah there it is, a picture, a sound.

What you have to get up?
You have to use your brain?
Your legs, your hands?
No remote, no bluetooth.

We have become lazy,
in a digital world.
No thinking or movement required,
just a push  of the button.

I still use a clock,
I like to keep in touch with the past.
I still use a watch with hands,
it keeps me in the present.

An Ode to the Analog world


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