I’ve got a little list!

I’ve got a little list,
So nothing will be missed!
It helps me be in control,
It’s good for my soul.

My lists keep getting longer,
Will it make me stronger?
It’s all that I can do,
to stop me becoming blue.

I write them everywhere,
I really do not care;
paper, blackboard, ipad,
though the last is just a fad.

A list gives me order,
It’s like being a horder.
When I cross something off it,
My moral really profits.

It forces me into action,
By giving me some traction.
So nothing will be missed,
I’ve got a little list!

My first thought when I saw the title “The Poetry of List-Making” in this week’s discover challenges were the lyrics from the song “As some Day it May Happen” from Gilbert and Sullivan – The Mikado. The chorus being:
“He’s got ’em on the list — he’s got ’em on the list;
And they’ll none of ’em be missed — they’ll none of ’em be missed.”

The photo is of a painting I made for my mother. She loves butterflies, I love their freedom, yet the structure and order of the picture reminds me of my lists.



Leonardo da Vinci


A portrait of Leonardo that I sketched in High School.

Long white locks flow,
Beard and hair meld together,
Upper lip clean shaven,
Eyebrows like small peaks of a hat.

Lips pursed tight,
Corners down turned
Brow furrowed with deep wrinkles,
No twinkle of a smile in those eyes.

My portrait of a Renaissance Man,
Both words and sketch speak volumes,
His fantastic inventions, his art,
and his portrait of Mona Lisa.


Praise, why do I crave it?
Why do I seek it out?
Why do I need it?

A simple word, a simple smile,
It means so much to me,
Praise lifts my soul.

Praise is easy to give,
But rarely used wisely,
It can be so uplifting.

Just praise me once a day,
That’s all I ask of you,
Just find one thing, that’s all I need.

I don’t want to be pampered,
I want to deserve the praise,
But when I only hear negatives…I wilt away!