I find it very galling,
being always brought to task,
for something you think I might have done,
I wish you would just ask.

I find it very grating,
you won’t ask me to my face,
you hide behind the texting,
big yellow chicken wheyface.

I find it so annoying,
how you like to be in control,
you emotionally blackmail me,
it eats me to my sole.

I find it so maddening,
you think I want to feud,
I just want to have a heart to heart,
lets talk about our mood.

You are so Irksome,
nearly all the time,
but it is such a waste,
when we are both in our prime.



I relish the good times,
and the bad.
I need both to see the value of life.

I relish my alone times,
and the times with friends.
I need both to keep my mind sane.

I relish being physically active,
and blobbing on the couch.
I need both to stay healthy.

I relish sunny hot days,
and the days of rain.
I need both to grow my plants.

Is the glass half full of water,
or half empty.
It is neither.

The glass is half full of water,
ANDĀ half full of air.
So it is completely full.

So is my life, that I Relish!