A New Beginning ….. Again!

Last night I found my old poems and writings. I found my ideas formulated while doing a Diploma in Children’s Writing. Last night I decided I needed to write again. I will post some of the less horrendous poems from my school years, and my 30’s, and to add some current ones. I have had two periods in my life where I have struggled with depression and writing always seemed to help. This is the third “new beginning!” Suicide was considered at these occasions, but never acted on. As a Buddhist, I will not act on it, but many of my poems and musings do discuss Death.

I don’t care if anyone reads them, this process is about helping me heal. If I can find inspiration and healing then this blog has worked.

This is my first ever blog. To date I have been old-fashioned pen and paper. Forgive me for sharing my blundering with the world.